ABC Creche


Ages: Newborn – 2yrs
This is where we care for the youngest in our church family. Our time with these little ones is spent caring for their needs, interacting with them in play-time and stimulating sense to the world around them that God has made. Each week we have a different theme for them to enjoy. These children meet in the Jacob Room

Ages: 3yrs – 5yrs
Our time with these children is spent singing songs, engaging them in play, and teaching lessons about our Lord. This crèche ministry gives parents the opportunity to worship the Lord unencumbered. These children meet in the Abraham Room

8:30am Worship Service
Newborn to 2yrs old in the creche in the Jacob Room
3-5yrs old in the Abraham Room

Breastfeeding Mums with their infants can make use of the Isaac Room – please not that no childre over 12 months old are allowed in this room.

There is also a cry room at the back of the sanctuary (entrance is from the foyer) for parents to sit with their children and listen to the service.,

10:30am Bible Hour
All children welcome, from Newborn until age 12

ANTs Sunday School

ants-300x208It is a privilege to be a part of the spiritual growth of the children and we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to sing songs to the Lord, to teach them Biblical truths, to discuss practical applications and to build relationships with each of them. note: ANTs only runs Sundays during the 10:30am Bible Hour.

ANTs Curriculum
Generations of Grace is a biblically based and God-centered curriculum designed for pre and primary school children. There are very few Sunday School curricula that are truly based on God’s Word. Many claim to teach the Bible and do refer to verses at times but are really just simplistic moral lessons extrapolated from Scripture.
Generations of Grace is designed to magnify God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture. We can better understand who He is and how we are to respond to Him by studying how His redemptive plan has unfolded and how He has used men to accomplish His purposes.

Over a four-year period, this curriculum covers the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, and lessons from Acts and Revelation.

Every week, children in each age group learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective comprehension levels. This is called a “unified curriculum.” A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one passage together each week, reinforcing the lesson that children have learned at ANTs.
Generations of Grace is unique in its design to encourage a high degree of interaction between student and teacher. This ensures that students participate in and understand each lesson. The lesson also includes key truths, objectives, and application points in the beginning of each lesson to help teachers clearly understand what they want their students to learn. Furthermore, ideas and activities are provided that will increase the students’ understanding and recall of the lesson