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The Invasion Within
19 March 2023
Exodus 20:17

The Gentleness Of Jesus
19 March 2023
Matthew 12:15-21

Nothing But The Truth
12 March 2023
Exodus 20:16

Lord Of The Sabbath
12 March 2023
Matthew 12:1-14

A Theology Of Private Property

Upcoming Events


March 24, 2023

Join us as we discuss the next chapter in our book study: Let the Men be Men All men are welcome!

Youth & Young Adults

March 24, 2023

Join us Friday night for Youth and Young Adults as we carry on our study in Jonah!

Agape Feast

April 5, 2023

As the whole church gathers together for a shared meal in remembrance of Christ’s Passion Week, join us for great food, wonderful fellowship, and a time studying God’s Word!