All applications and forms need to be handed in by 1 January 2023.

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ACT 2023 - Application Form
Name and Surnameyour full name and surname
Date of Birth
Phone Numbera valid number
Your Churchwhat is the name of the church you attend?
Church Memberare you a member of this church?
Ministry Involvementin what ministries are you serving at this church?
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Testimonybriefly describe the testimony of your salvation
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Counselling Experiencehave you had any experience counselling someone in the past? If yes, briefly describe what that counselling entailed
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Biblical Trainingif any, what formal biblical training have you had?
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Reason for Attending the Coursewhy would you like to attend this course? and how do you intend to use the training you will receive?
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Antioch Counselling Statementhave you read Antioch's Counselling Statement?
Counselling Statementare you in general agreement with the contents of this Statement? If not, briefly describe your concerns
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Course Requirementshave you read through the course requirements?
Course Requirementsif you have any reservations about the course, please list them here
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Reference Form

As part of the final process for applying, please send this link to your Small Group leader/ Pastor of your church/ Elder that knows you well.

Have them complete this reference form and submit it for you.

Your application will only count once we have received this form from them.

Questions or Concernsif you have any other questions or concerns regarding the course, please describe them here
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As soon as we have received both your Application Form and Reference Form, we shall contact you to let you know if you have been accepted into the course.