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Biblical Reasons for Loving Sunday Evening Services

by Antioch

By Tim Cantrell – Antioch Bible ChurchAugust 2023 1. It’s the Lord’s Day – Sunday night church shows that we are sincere when we confess in our Declaration of Faith: “We believe that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, in which we gather for corporate worship in the name of our Saviour who rose on the […]

Winning the War of Worldviews

by Antioch

Winning the War of Worldviews By Tim Cantrell The early church faced a world blanketed by paganism. Christianity was birthed in a small, insignificant Roman outpost at the time (Israel).  Yet within three centuries, this so-called ‘new’ religion had spread across the Mediterranean and would soon conquer the Roman empire itself.  The spread of Christianity […]

Learning to Multiply By Tim Cantrell

by Antioch

Did you know that some countries will now pay you to have another child? Countries like France, South Korea, Canada, and Singapore offer a third-child bonus to families. That’s because more and more countries are beginning to fear extinction rather than overpopulation.

Permanent Relevance By Tim Cantrell

by Antioch

Have you ever heard a church leader say, ‘Beloved, let us aim to be as irrelevant as possible?’ Of course not. Everyone agrees that relevance is important. Like King David, we must “serve the purpose of God” in our “own generation” (Acts 13:36). Like the sons of Issachar, we want to “understand the times” (1 Chron. 12:32).

Why I Would Die for South Africa

by Antioch

Why I Would Die for South Africa by Michelle Cantrell South Africa has the best rugby side in the world, the famous Big Five, fabulous weather, beautiful cities and friendly people.  But it also has its darker side. It is dangerous to live in South Africa.  Crime is rampant.  We have the most liberal constitution […]

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