It is with great joy that we introduce to you Antioch Counselling Training (ACT). We remain committed to the need for Biblical Counseling and if you are unsure about the importance of this read this: https://www.antiochbiblechurch.org.za/biblical-counselling/

Your choice to study this program reflects a desire for growth in Christ-likeness, not only in your own life, but in that of your family and others in the body of Christ. We look forward to coming alongside you over the next year and providing you with the tools necessary for this important task!  Should you have any queries about the ACT Course, please contact our office at Antioch Bible Church.

May God bless you richly as you grow in His truth.

The ACT Counselling Team


Class Times and Commitment


Your will need to attend all classes for each module. Classes run from Wednesdays from 18:30 to 21:30 (3 hours) each week in two semesters. There is one mid-year break, which follows the school holiday break. In addition, you will need to set aside eight Saturdays of the year from 8:30 to 14:30 (6 hours).

You are also required to plan ahead so you can attend the final intensive full week for practical role-plays and assessments is required in the beginning of November. This runs from Monday-Friday 8:30-16:30 in early November.


Note that each module of the course has required pre- and post session assignments that need to be completed and returned to ACT for grading. These assignments prepare you for lectures and encourage you to apply what you have learned.


Contact Details

ACT Counselling Admissions

310A Boundary Rd, North Riding

robin@antioch.co.za – for general correspondence

robin@antioch.co.za – for submission of assignments


Tuition and Finance

Tuition fees for the first semester will be payable before on or before the first Wednesday of the first class. The second semester fees will be payable on or before the first Wednesday of the second semester. Current Tuition is R 2000 for the course (R1000 per semester). This covers any materials, refreshments and guest speaker expenses. The tuition is payable in two installments as follows:

  • Wednesday 15 Jan R1,000
  • Wednesday 10 Jul  R1,000

Tuition fees are due the first day of each module. You can pay using the following means:

  • EFT / Direct Deposit
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Please ensure that you use the correct reference when paying by EFT / Direct Deposit. Your  reference should be as follows ACT COUNSEL  COURSE. Payment accepted in South African Rand only.



The cost of textbooks is NOT included in the Tuition amount. There are many excellent books we require to be read, as list can be supplied if needed


Directions to ACT Counselling

Antioch Bible Church
310A Boundary Road,
North Riding, Gauteng


ACT Biblical Counselling Course Dates



 16 Jan-20 Mar: BIC110—Fundamentals of Biblical Counselling

27 Mar-29 May: BIC120—Theology of Biblical Counselling



10 Jul-4 Sep: BIC130— Marriage Counselling

11 Sep-6Nov: BIC210—Parenting and other Counselling Topics



11-Nov-15 Nov: BIC220— Counselling Topics, Observation & Discussion


Modules Details


BIC110 – Fundamentals of Biblical Counselling

This is a basic introduction to biblical counselling. Biblical counselling and its distinctive

features are defined. The role of the counsellor, the place of counselling in the ministry, and various types of counseling are discussed. A comparison between biblical counselling and secular counselling models and theories is also studied.


BIC120 – Theology of Biblical Counselling

In this module students develop a comprehensive theology model for counselling biblically.



BIC130 – Marriage Counselling

In this module students are given an overview of general marriage counselling issues. Specific issues, like husband/wife roles, are then dealt with in more detail.


BIC210 – Parenting and other  Counselling Topics

This module continues the theme of BIC130 and discusses a range of issues typical in marriage and family counselling, such as pre-marital counselling, divorce, and financial




BIC220 – Counselling Topics, Observation & Discussion

The final module of the two-year counselling course helps students apply all the skills they have acquired in the course of their studies. Videos of authentic counselling sessions are observed and then discussed. Students also participate in counselling sessions as counsellor, counselee, and observer. These sessions encourage the practical application of biblical counselling principles.