These are but FOUR examples of the thousands of ways that Satan never stops attacking the Christian belief in Jesus’ Resurrection. – WHY? –

Because Satan knows what many in the Church have forgotten:  That the literal, physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus is central to our faith. – If it didn’t happen, then our gospel is built on a lie, it is a false gospel, plain & simple.

YET we have every reason to believe that Jesus did rise, as Paul has just defended in vv. 1-11. – The bodily resurrection of Jesus is one of the most well-attested facts in history. – Jewish law required 2-3 witnesses. – Modern law can convict a criminal based on one credible witness. – But Jesus had over 500 witnesses (v.6) of His actual, physical, resurrected body!

Shortly after this, the Christian faith exploded across the Roman world! – Jesus’ enemies never could produce the body and stop the blazing spread of this new movmt. – The disciples were transformed from fearful cowards to bold witnesses who died for the message they proclaimed.