Isa. 53 has been called:  “the summit of OT prophecy”; “the crown jewel of the Hebrew Scriptures”; ‘the most important chapter in the entire OT, if not the entire Bible’.

~ Polycarp called Isa. 53, ‘The Holy of Holies in OT prophecy’; Spurgeon called it, “The Bible in miniature”. – D.L. Moody called it, ‘My creed’, his entire confession of faith.

Isa. 53 is quoted explicitly 7x in NT, plus over 30 other allusions in NT! – There is simply no other OT text that the early church read & wrote & talked about more than this one.

What a perfect chapter to study on our last Sunday before REZ, when this year’s theme for REZ is:  “What is the Gospel?”, the most important question in the universe. –

That’s why there is nothing that Satan & his demons work harder to prevent than you having a firm grasp on the gospel. – There’s nothing the Enemy is more determined to confuse people about and to distract churches from than this – the gospel.