Aren’t you glad that God’s will is so clear in many aspects of life? – We may not always like it, but we can’t say it’s grey or fuzzy. – Just in 1 Cor, we’ve seen God’s definite & specific will revealed for us. – E.G.:

  1. Chp. 5, It is God’s will that we exercise church discipline on the unrepentant in the church.
  2. Chp. 6, It is God’s will that a Christian never sue or take another Christian to court.– And, it is God’s will that you flee all forms of sexual immorality.
  3. Chp. 7, It is God’s will that you not marry a non-Christian.
  4. Chps. 8 & 10, It is God’s will that a Christian never dine at an idol’s temple or be found in a place that has unmistakably worldly or demonic associations.

It sure helps when the Lord spells it out for us in black & white like that. – But then there’s all the other decisions in life, the vast majority of them, which are not cut & dry, obedience issues. – Their not black & white. – They’re some lovely, cloudy, muggy, smoggy shade of GREY (those debatable, questionable areas of Christian living). – They don’t just require straightforward obedience. – They require wisdom in applying biblical principles to each situation. – Let me remind you of but a few confusing examples:

  • In the church: what should we wear? what style of music do we use? how do we sing – hands raised or not? eyes closed or open? clapping or not? – Which of the OT laws do we keep today? – On a Sunday, what can we do & not do?
  • Outside of the church: what kind of movies can we watch? what kind of music can we listen to? Are video games kosher? If so, which ones? What about other technologies?
  • Can Christians use any alcohol? Tobacco? Caffeine? If so, how much?
  • What foods should a Christian eat? What can we drink? How should we spend our money? When is something too expensive, too extravagant, too big, too little, too costly, too cheap? – How about makeup? – How much? – And jewelry? – How big?
  • Should you emigrate or not? What do we allow our kids to do? What kind of education should our children receive? – Should Christians dance? What kind of dance? – Should Christians play cards? – Any cards? – And clothes – what is modest, what is immodest?
  • One that came up in our small group last week: What if a gay couple at work asks you to babysit their kid? – Or a Hindu friend invites you over for dinner during Dewali? – Or a Muslim friend invites you on an educational tour of their mosque?

O, if only we had a list of rules or a policy or code of conduct for everything! – Wouldn’t it make life much easier? – Wouldn’t it save us a lot of trouble, and a lot of conflict in the church? Not really. – It would satisfy the legalist inside us all, and lead to a room full of either dead
robots or proud Pharisees. – But it would also cancel any need for Christ, His cross, His Holy Spirit, His Word, His Church, His wisdom, and His refining, maturing, sanctifying work in our lives. – We’d never need to grow, mature, learn discernment, learn to love, or rely
upon His grace. All the things that our next passage here in 1 Cor. 10 is all about!