Mark 14:27-31

Do you know why we call it The Passion Week of our Lord? – It’s taken from the Lat. Term, passio, for suffering, e.g., the final week of Christ’s suffering (for our redemption).

If this is the most pivotal & important week in all of human history, we could never study it too much or know it too well. – So let’s set the scene by briefly rehearsing the main events of Jesus’ Passion week:

The Passion Week begins back in Mark 11, Sunday: Jesus is in Bethany, at the home of Martha & Mary & Lazarus, Jesus’ favt B&B, just east of Jerusalem.

Once the two disciples return with the promised colt, Jesus sits on it and begins His journey into Jerusalem – down the Mt. Of Olives, across the Kidron Valley, and up to the temple mount. –