1 Corinthians 15:29

Behind this new trend of ‘bucket lists’ are the old ideas of Epicureanism & Hedonism:  ‘You only live once, so live it up.  If there is no eternity & no resurrection & no life to come, then grab all you can now.  Seize the day, because there’s nothing after this.’ –


It’s the essence of secularism:  live for the seculum (Lat.) “this age”, the here-and-now. – I.e., ‘Eternity doesn’t exist, or can’t be known.  Right now is all that there is, so live it up. If you don’t satisfy yourself & pursue your pleasures now, you never will.’


That’s the world’s bucket list, for those who walk by sight, not by faith, who live for what you can see in the present, not what is unseen in the future (2 Cor. 4:16-18; 5:7).


Christian, what’s on your bucket list? – More importantly:  How has Christ changed your bucket list?


HOW does your hope in a risen Lord and in His promise to raise you one day, how does that hope transform your bucket list and your life priorities?