1 Corinthians 15:23-28

Here’s a question guaranteed to wake up even the most tired, boring or unsociable people:  ‘How do you think the world will end?’

Here’s some answers I found from unbelievers:

~ From Stephen King:  Scientists estimate that the Tunguska meteor, which leveled 80 million trees in Siberia in 1908 and generated an explosive force 1,000 times greater than that of the Hiroshima bomb, may have been 130 feet in diameter. It’s not impossible that we might someday be impacted by a much bigger meteor.

~ From a Princeton palaeontologist:  Four of the five mass extinctions in history were driven by volcanic eruptions that flooded entire continents. Our world could quite possibly end with the explosive eruption of Yellowstone, which is past due.

~ From another scientist:  Since the sun is likely to behave as stars of its kind normally do, increasing solar radiation should render this world entirely lifeless in about 1 billion years. After 8 billion years, the Earth will conclusively disappear into the expanding atmosphere of a red, giant sun.  Have a nice day.

Did you notice a certain missing Person in all of those answers? –

Someone that has been totally left out of all the equation?  God Himself, the Creator.